Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dolch Sight Word Sentence Practice 

This Dolch Sight Word Sentence Practice PowerPoint is an 86 slide file and that provides a rich practice experience for students to reinforce their knowledge of the sight words, as well as to develop fluency skills.

This new product is a great way to practice Sight Words with your students once they have mastered them in isolation, and the sight words in phrases. You can pick up my Dolch Sight Word Phrases (and QR Codes) product here

One way to use this file for whole group fluency practice is to model reading the sentences one by one to students, having them repeat the sentences after you, call-and-response style. 

For small group practice, you could download the file onto your laptop(s) or tablet(s), pairing a stronger reader with an emergent reader.

The PowerPoint file also allows you to adjust the speed of the slides on a slideshow, slow for introducing the sight word sentences, and then increasing the speed of the slides as students become more proficient with the sentences. 

Here is a sample of some of the slides:

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