Monday, January 12, 2015

February Writing Pack (Anchor Chart & Writing Prompts)

Here's a new writing product that I created for students with a February theme. This February Writing Pack (Anchor Chart & Writing Prompts) is a great way to get children writing about things they know and learn about in the month of February. Topics included are: February, Ground Hog Day, Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, Valentine's Day, Hearts, George Washington's Birthday, President's Day, and Black History Month.

First, activate their schema about February with an anchor chart with words and events they see and hear and learn about during the month of February, starting with the word February, of course. The other events are arranged in chronological order, and have the dates under the events. 

Next, students write about things they know about February. Each page has a title and/or a prompt, along with plenty of lines for writing. Images on each page are black lines that they will enjoy coloring to their own liking.

I have included some pages with a different layout design as well. Some of them have a larger picture to color on the left, with lines for writing along the entire right side of the page. Some of these pages are without a prompt, enabling students to make connections using their schema to write about the pictures on the pages.

Also included in the pack are black line pages for you to add your own topic and writing prompt for students to write about.

One page in the pack has several lines for writing on a teacher or student generated prompt and picture, which would be great for first or second graders. Another page is included with just a few lines for beginning writers who need just a few lines for writing and a larger area for illustrations.

Some suggestions for using this pack are: copy and assemble the entire pack and assemble into a February themed writing notebook; or, make a class set of each page and place them in your classroom Writing Center for use during Centers.

I'd love to get your feedback on this product. Leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page.

Happy February!


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