Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SNOW DAY and I HAVE...WHO HAS? Dolch Sight Word Phrases

Today was a surprise Snow Day for us in central VA; the second one in two weeks! Yippee! I'm originally from PA and just moved to VA this school year. It makes me chuckle a little when schools are closed for two inches of snow. In PA we went to school on at least a one or two hour delay for such a small amount of snow. I was expecting a delay this morning, which we originally had; but within about two hours while the snow kept falling, we got the final call that schools were closed. Hey, who's complaining! It was a pleasant surprise. On that note, my thoughts prayers are with the teachers and families up the North East/New England coast who got dumped on today by the Blizzard conditions.

I got a chance to create another I HAVE...WHO HAS? game. With this one my students get to practice the sight words in a fun way once they have mastered the majority of the sight words in isolation. There are over 75 cards included, so this game would be perfect as a whole group activity. Passing out the entire deck of cards allows each student in your class to have up to about four cards (for classes of about 19-25 students). 

Normally I would have this game start with the "I Will Begin...Who Has..." card, but I just got a great new idea for starting the game from another teacher-preneur, who listened to her student's feedback on playing I HAVE/WHO HAS. They suggested that the game start with any card (except of course the "THE END" card) so that everyone could have a turn reading a [I Have...Who Has?] card. What a great idea! So I borrowed it, and suggest that this game begin the same way, i.e. with any card except the card with the "THE END" on it.

I can't wait to try this game with my students this week. I would love it if you would give it a try as well. Get it at my TpT Store and leave me your feedback to let me know what you think. Enjoy your TpT credits for doing this. You can also comment about any of my products on my Facebook page as well. Happy Hump Day!


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