Friday, January 30, 2015

Teacher Work Day {Off} and Five For Friday Linky

Today was a Teacher Work Day for the teachers in my building. Since I am retired from the classroom and working as a Teacher's Assistant this year, I did not have to report to work. Yippee! I'll take a three day weekend!

That gave me the idea to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five For Friday weekly linky party! Yay! It's been a very long time since I've done this and I am so excited to be sharing this week.

The teachers in my building do a phenomenal job with our kiddos. They have high standards and the students rise to the occasion and meet their challenges.

Dolch Sight Word Sentence Practice

Earlier this week I posted about my newest TpT product called Dolch Sight Word Sentence Practice. It is a PowerPoint file that allows you to download the file onto your classroom laptops, computers, or even your tablets. Students can work either individually or with a partner to practice the sight word sentences, I suggest once they have mastered their sight words in isolation and also the sight word phrases. You can even adjust the slide show to advance slower or quicker depending on the needs of the students.

I got a chance to use the PowerPoint with my kiddos this week and it was a hit! I work mostly with boys, so I was able to set the PowerPoint Transitions to an paper airplane setting that when clicked or tapped (on a tablet), the slide folds up into a paper airplane and zooms away. My boys love this! It kept their attention the entire time and they were so motivated to keep working with what usually turns pretty "old" after a few moments of review. They love tapping the screen to get to see the page fold up and fly away! Click on the video below to see my kiddos in action.


I also wanted to share the great work the teachers are posting on their hall bulletin boards, which I get to see each day as I travel throughout the halls to see my kiddos for the day.

This one highlights Synonym Snowmen, where students wrote the name of a word on the middle circle of their snowman, then wrote synonyms for the word in the bottom circle. Cute idea!!

On another bulletin board, a third grade teacher challenged her students to create a Cereal Box project about books they had read on the American Revolution or Famous Americans they were studying about in Social Studies/History: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Armistead Lafayette, Jack Jouette, James Madison, and Patrick Henry. Collaboratively, students had to create and decorate a real cereal box with illustrations and information they had read about in their books. Awesome projects!

Second graders used Christmas cards as writing prompts to write to the prompt, "When I look out my window I see..." What a cute idea.

Such a great work week! I love my school! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


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