Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writing Journal Bundle

This entire week has been a bust as far as school is concerned. We have another snow day tomorrow, which means that we have not had school this entire week due to a snow storm we had on Monday night into Tuesday. 

I have certainly had plenty of time to add more products to my new TpT store and I am thankful. I probably wouldn't have had this chance otherwise. I have been wanting to bundle up some of my products, so this was a great time to do so.

This product is my Writing Journal Bundle, which is a  65-plus page conglomeration of all of my writing products, including seasonal anchor charts, which are colored and labeled with vocabulary, writing journal prompts, and primary and elementary lined writing papers. 

I also intend to add material for the Summer season in the months to come to this bundle, at no cost to you.

These writing journal anchor charts, papers, and prompts will provide many days of writing for your students. You can find the individual products that make up this bundle at my TpT store

I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this product. Connect with me by clicking on the green "Follow Me" words on my store page.
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SNOW DAY! and Sight Words Bundle

Okay, we have not been to school since last Friday. Monday was President's Day. Tuesday and Wednesday (today) have been SNOW DAYS! Yeah! 

And guess what?! Yep, you guessed it, we have another snow day tomorrow! No kidding! So I found this cute local photo of a little guy shoveling his walkway which shows how much snow we got. I love the caption. He told his mother that he needed to shovel a path for the mailman. What a cutie!

VA got walloped this week with a huge snow storm on Tuesday, and the temperatures have been very cold for Central VA. The snow has not had a chance to melt much, even though it's been sunny outside. WOW! Reminds me of the winters in Central PA. Thursday night into Friday's low temperatures are expected to break record lows. 

At this point, I will not be surprised if we'll not have school on Friday either. Chesterfield County is some 450 square miles, and the VDOT (VA Dept of Transportation) is slow in getting the side streets cleared for the busses to get through to the bus stops. *Sigh*

Ok. Enough about the weather...

The snow days and being snowed inside since the weekend have really given me the motivation to be creative and add new products to my store. Yay!

As a result, I'm finally getting around to bundling up some of my store products, the first one being my Sight Word products.

I work with ESL kids and struggling readers, so I work a lot with them on the sight words, especially the sight word phrases and sentences. This bundle has about 106 pages of interactive and fun activities for students to practice their sight words. There are both Dolch and Fry words are included.

The Fry words activities include Audio QR Code task cards and the Fry Picture Nouns cards. The Audio QR Code cards allow students the opportunity to develop their sight word phrase fluency through interacting with the cards. Using a QR code scanner which you can download onto your hand held device, students simply scan the QR code to hear the Fry word phrases. The Picture Noun cards provide students with a pictorial view of the common nouns that they encounter on a daily basis in print material. They are perfect for your ESL/ELL students. 

The Dolch activities include QR Code cards of the Dolch sight word phrases, as well as a favorite of my students, the Dolch Sight Word Sentences PowerPoint. My kiddos absolutely love watching the sentences fly away off the screen, a feature that you can tailor to your students using the Transition feature on the PowerPoint. Finally, students have fun reviewing their sight word phrases with the I Have Who Has Sight Word Phrases game. 

You can visit my store to check out each one of these products individually, and I hope you enjoy the bundle!

Stay warm and safe these days,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SNOW DAY! and "Terrific Tech Tuesday Linky Party!" [Tues., Feb. 17, 2015]

As I mentioned in my previous post, today is a SNOW DAY for all teachers and students living in the central VA region of the USA. We got a whole lot of snow, not characteristic of this area. So much so that the governor has declared a state of emergency asking all motorists to stay off the roads. Temperatures are hovering below freezing, so the snow is not melting, making for treacherous travel conditions. I'm so happy to be home!

Today is also Terrific Tech Tuesday!, the day that we get to share some of our favorite classroom technology!

One that I'd like to share with you is called Thinglink. I used it last year when I was introducing the scientist Dr. George Washington Carver to my students in Science class last February during African American History Month.
I used this tool because is a very interactive and engaging tool that met diverse the needs of many of my students. It allows you to make your images interactive, bringing them to life with links, images, music and the like.

Since February focuses on famous African Americans, I made a Thinglink on the scientist George Washington Carver to share with my students. Using an image of Dr. Carver that I lifted from Google, the tool allowed me to simply hover over the picture and then click on all of the icons to see and hear many interesting facts and images on Dr. Carver. The

You will definitely want to add this site to your repertoire of cool ed tech tools. You can also collaborate with other educators on Thinglink to share your images and ideas.

Take a look at my cool Thinglink on Dr. George Washington Carver here. Then get busy creating your own Thinglink project!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Writing Pack {Anchor Charts, Paper & Prompts}

This week I'm thrilled to have been off school today for President's Day. We have Tuesday off as well, as we are in the midst of an impending snow storm.  It has already started snowing and it will not stop until the morning.

We're expected to get about eight or more inches, which is a whole lot of snow for central VA. The temperatures are at an all time low too, which makes for treacherous travel conditions. The governor has issued a state of emergency, asking all motorists to stay off the roads for a while. Who's complaining? I'll take a four day weekend any time. Yippee!!

I got a chance to work on my latest product, Spring Writing Pack {Anchor Charts, Paper, & Prompts}. Another in my series of Writing products. I will have enough to bundle them, perhaps after I make the Summer Writing Pack.

I had a lot of fun creating this Spring Writing Pack. Thinking about Spring makes me smile, and realize that soon we will be seeing more sun and winter will be gone. I like snow and all, but I prefer the warmth over the cold. 

This Writing Pack contains three colored anchor charts, labeled with vocabulary words about each of the three months of Spring (March, April, and May). Use these to build schema and background knowledge for students to write about each of the months. You can project each one onto your whiteboard for students to use for writing, or, copy and hang them on your Writing Focus Wall or in your Writing Center.


Following the anchor charts are primary lined writing pages. They have a black line image on them for students to color, and a short writing prompt about the title. Also included is a Word Bank/Box to assist young writers and ELLs with vocabulary and spelling. Here are a few examples:

For your advanced writers, there is a blank lined page to continue their writing. 

Writing Topics, Prompts, and vocabulary in the Word Box is as follows:

1. SPRING [In Spring…]

2. MARCH [In March…]/March, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Eggs, Shamrocks, Pot of Gold, Baby Chicks

3. APRIL [In April…]/April, Spring, showers, umbrella, flowers,     butterflies

4. MAY [In May…]/May, Spring, butterflies, flowers, Mother’s Day

5. My Kite [My kite…]/kite, windy, Spring, air

6. St. Patrick’s Day [On St. Patrick’s Day…]/St. Patrick’s Day, leprechaun, pot of gold, rainbow, cloud, shamrock, green

7. Rain [When it rains…]/rain, Spring, umbrella, butterflies, puddle

8. My Rain Clothes [When it rains I put on…]/rain, hat, coat, boots, boat, puddle

9. Butterflies [Butterflies are…]/Spring, butterflies, flowers, net,

Grass, caterpillar

10. Easter Eggs [On Easter…]/Easter, basket, eggs, color, dye, brush

11. Earth Day [For Earth Day…]/Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, clean, safe

12. Mother’s Day [On Mother’s Day…]/Mother’s Day, mom, flowers, card, tulip

13. Pinwheels {Pinwheels are…]/pinwheels, wind, spring, blow

14. Ladybugs and Caterpillars [Ladybugs and caterpillars…]/

caterpillar, butterfly, Spring, spots, red, black, green

You can copy and collate the writing pages and create a Writing Journal with a Spring theme. Or, you could copy each page and stock your Writing Center for plenty of writing material for your kiddos for the next few months.

I hope you enjoy this product. Visit me on my FB page or Follow Me on my store to leave your comments or feedback. 

Don't forget to join me tomorrow for my Terrific Tech Tuesday Linky Party! Scroll down to my Terrific Tech Tuesday post for more details, or click on the Terrific Tech Tuesday link in side bar.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dolch Sight Word Phrase QR Codes

This week I created another QR Code Task Card product for my ELLs and struggling readers. They are all very energetic boys so I am always thinking of ways to keep them motivated to learn their sight words. They love anything interactive and fun, as do most kiddos their age. My Sight Word Sentences PowerPoint was a hit because I set the Transitions to the setting that created a paper airplane that zooms away when they touched the screen of the iPad. They thought I was this was so cool! If you missed my video on an earlier post showing the boys using the Sight Words Sentences PowerPoint for the first time you can see it here.

These boys are doing very well learning their sight words in isolation so the school Reading Specialist is having me work with them on mastering the Sight Word Phrases and sentences for now.

The Dolch Sight Word Phrase QR Codes product requires a QR Reader application, which you can easily get and download onto your handheld device from the Android Play Store or Apple's App Store. My personal favorite apps are the QuickMark and the QR Barcode Scanner apps. 

This fun and interactive product allows my students to use a handheld device such as a laptop or iPad or other tablet to scan the QR code on the task cards. It then reads the QR code and displays the sight word phrase on the screen of the handheld device for the students to practice reading. For this product I grouped all the phrases by List 1, List 2, List 3 and List 4, for easy differentiation based on the students' needs. Here are a few examples of the cards. Each page includes cut-lines so the the cards can be cut apart evenly and neatly.

The task card format of this product lends itself to a card game as well. After copying on card stock and cutting the cards apart, you can have your students stack the cards face down. Then after setting a timer, have the students scan a card and read the sight word phrase on the card. If s/he reads the card correctly s/he can keep it. When the timer goes off, have students count their cards. The student with the most cards after the allotted time wins the game.

I can't wait to give this a try with my students. I will be sure to post a few pictures as a follow up soon. 

Be sure to visit my TpT store to see my other QR Code and Sight Word products. Take a look and leave a comment or two. I'd love to know what you think of these products.

Have a blessed week!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Terrific Tech Tuesday Linky Party [Tues., Feb. 3, 2015]

Welcome to my new weekly "Terrific Tech Tuesday" Linky Party, where teachers get to talk about the awesome technology they are using in the classroom. 

This is my first time hosting a linky party, so if you're a pro, I would really love your feedback and support if you could spare it. 

I absolutely love learning about and discovering new tools, tips, apps, and everything else technology related that would make a teacher's job smarter and not harder; and at the same time add relevant interaction and fun for students. 

Join up today! Add your links (as many as you'd like). Write a post on your blog talking about your favorite technology you're currently in the classroom and why it's so terrific. Link back to this linky in your post, then click the blue Add A Link button at the bottom of the page.

For me,  Edshelf is probably my most favorite place to go to learn about the most recent educational tools in technology. It is "A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning."

 I love the way the website attractively and easily highlights Featured Tools, Featured Collections, Edshelf's Newest Members, Recently Added Tools, Recently Added Collections (created by members). With the click of a button you can search for The Perfect Tool, Browse Around and Explore, and have a glimpse at Trending Technology Tools. Once you create a free account, you can even Add a Tool to the website that you use in the classroom that is not currently featured on the site.

I really like how through sharing and collaboration, members can share with other educators their collection of tools that they are currently using. There is even an area where you can read Recent Reviews on tools you might be considering. You must check out Edshelf.