Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dolch Sight Word Phrase QR Codes

This week I created another QR Code Task Card product for my ELLs and struggling readers. They are all very energetic boys so I am always thinking of ways to keep them motivated to learn their sight words. They love anything interactive and fun, as do most kiddos their age. My Sight Word Sentences PowerPoint was a hit because I set the Transitions to the setting that created a paper airplane that zooms away when they touched the screen of the iPad. They thought I was this was so cool! If you missed my video on an earlier post showing the boys using the Sight Words Sentences PowerPoint for the first time you can see it here.

These boys are doing very well learning their sight words in isolation so the school Reading Specialist is having me work with them on mastering the Sight Word Phrases and sentences for now.

The Dolch Sight Word Phrase QR Codes product requires a QR Reader application, which you can easily get and download onto your handheld device from the Android Play Store or Apple's App Store. My personal favorite apps are the QuickMark and the QR Barcode Scanner apps. 

This fun and interactive product allows my students to use a handheld device such as a laptop or iPad or other tablet to scan the QR code on the task cards. It then reads the QR code and displays the sight word phrase on the screen of the handheld device for the students to practice reading. For this product I grouped all the phrases by List 1, List 2, List 3 and List 4, for easy differentiation based on the students' needs. Here are a few examples of the cards. Each page includes cut-lines so the the cards can be cut apart evenly and neatly.

The task card format of this product lends itself to a card game as well. After copying on card stock and cutting the cards apart, you can have your students stack the cards face down. Then after setting a timer, have the students scan a card and read the sight word phrase on the card. If s/he reads the card correctly s/he can keep it. When the timer goes off, have students count their cards. The student with the most cards after the allotted time wins the game.

I can't wait to give this a try with my students. I will be sure to post a few pictures as a follow up soon. 

Be sure to visit my TpT store to see my other QR Code and Sight Word products. Take a look and leave a comment or two. I'd love to know what you think of these products.

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