Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SNOW DAY! and Sight Words Bundle

Okay, we have not been to school since last Friday. Monday was President's Day. Tuesday and Wednesday (today) have been SNOW DAYS! Yeah! 

And guess what?! Yep, you guessed it, we have another snow day tomorrow! No kidding! So I found this cute local photo of a little guy shoveling his walkway which shows how much snow we got. I love the caption. He told his mother that he needed to shovel a path for the mailman. What a cutie!

VA got walloped this week with a huge snow storm on Tuesday, and the temperatures have been very cold for Central VA. The snow has not had a chance to melt much, even though it's been sunny outside. WOW! Reminds me of the winters in Central PA. Thursday night into Friday's low temperatures are expected to break record lows. 

At this point, I will not be surprised if we'll not have school on Friday either. Chesterfield County is some 450 square miles, and the VDOT (VA Dept of Transportation) is slow in getting the side streets cleared for the busses to get through to the bus stops. *Sigh*

Ok. Enough about the weather...

The snow days and being snowed inside since the weekend have really given me the motivation to be creative and add new products to my store. Yay!

As a result, I'm finally getting around to bundling up some of my store products, the first one being my Sight Word products.

I work with ESL kids and struggling readers, so I work a lot with them on the sight words, especially the sight word phrases and sentences. This bundle has about 106 pages of interactive and fun activities for students to practice their sight words. There are both Dolch and Fry words are included.

The Fry words activities include Audio QR Code task cards and the Fry Picture Nouns cards. The Audio QR Code cards allow students the opportunity to develop their sight word phrase fluency through interacting with the cards. Using a QR code scanner which you can download onto your hand held device, students simply scan the QR code to hear the Fry word phrases. The Picture Noun cards provide students with a pictorial view of the common nouns that they encounter on a daily basis in print material. They are perfect for your ESL/ELL students. 

The Dolch activities include QR Code cards of the Dolch sight word phrases, as well as a favorite of my students, the Dolch Sight Word Sentences PowerPoint. My kiddos absolutely love watching the sentences fly away off the screen, a feature that you can tailor to your students using the Transition feature on the PowerPoint. Finally, students have fun reviewing their sight word phrases with the I Have Who Has Sight Word Phrases game. 

You can visit my store to check out each one of these products individually, and I hope you enjoy the bundle!

Stay warm and safe these days,


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