Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Writing Pack {Anchor Charts, Paper & Prompts}

This week I'm thrilled to have been off school today for President's Day. We have Tuesday off as well, as we are in the midst of an impending snow storm.  It has already started snowing and it will not stop until the morning.

We're expected to get about eight or more inches, which is a whole lot of snow for central VA. The temperatures are at an all time low too, which makes for treacherous travel conditions. The governor has issued a state of emergency, asking all motorists to stay off the roads for a while. Who's complaining? I'll take a four day weekend any time. Yippee!!

I got a chance to work on my latest product, Spring Writing Pack {Anchor Charts, Paper, & Prompts}. Another in my series of Writing products. I will have enough to bundle them, perhaps after I make the Summer Writing Pack.

I had a lot of fun creating this Spring Writing Pack. Thinking about Spring makes me smile, and realize that soon we will be seeing more sun and winter will be gone. I like snow and all, but I prefer the warmth over the cold. 

This Writing Pack contains three colored anchor charts, labeled with vocabulary words about each of the three months of Spring (March, April, and May). Use these to build schema and background knowledge for students to write about each of the months. You can project each one onto your whiteboard for students to use for writing, or, copy and hang them on your Writing Focus Wall or in your Writing Center.


Following the anchor charts are primary lined writing pages. They have a black line image on them for students to color, and a short writing prompt about the title. Also included is a Word Bank/Box to assist young writers and ELLs with vocabulary and spelling. Here are a few examples:

For your advanced writers, there is a blank lined page to continue their writing. 

Writing Topics, Prompts, and vocabulary in the Word Box is as follows:

1. SPRING [In Spring…]

2. MARCH [In March…]/March, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Eggs, Shamrocks, Pot of Gold, Baby Chicks

3. APRIL [In April…]/April, Spring, showers, umbrella, flowers,     butterflies

4. MAY [In May…]/May, Spring, butterflies, flowers, Mother’s Day

5. My Kite [My kite…]/kite, windy, Spring, air

6. St. Patrick’s Day [On St. Patrick’s Day…]/St. Patrick’s Day, leprechaun, pot of gold, rainbow, cloud, shamrock, green

7. Rain [When it rains…]/rain, Spring, umbrella, butterflies, puddle

8. My Rain Clothes [When it rains I put on…]/rain, hat, coat, boots, boat, puddle

9. Butterflies [Butterflies are…]/Spring, butterflies, flowers, net,

Grass, caterpillar

10. Easter Eggs [On Easter…]/Easter, basket, eggs, color, dye, brush

11. Earth Day [For Earth Day…]/Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, clean, safe

12. Mother’s Day [On Mother’s Day…]/Mother’s Day, mom, flowers, card, tulip

13. Pinwheels {Pinwheels are…]/pinwheels, wind, spring, blow

14. Ladybugs and Caterpillars [Ladybugs and caterpillars…]/

caterpillar, butterfly, Spring, spots, red, black, green

You can copy and collate the writing pages and create a Writing Journal with a Spring theme. Or, you could copy each page and stock your Writing Center for plenty of writing material for your kiddos for the next few months.

I hope you enjoy this product. Visit me on my FB page or Follow Me on my store to leave your comments or feedback. 

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