Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writing Journal Bundle

This entire week has been a bust as far as school is concerned. We have another snow day tomorrow, which means that we have not had school this entire week due to a snow storm we had on Monday night into Tuesday. 

I have certainly had plenty of time to add more products to my new TpT store and I am thankful. I probably wouldn't have had this chance otherwise. I have been wanting to bundle up some of my products, so this was a great time to do so.

This product is my Writing Journal Bundle, which is a  65-plus page conglomeration of all of my writing products, including seasonal anchor charts, which are colored and labeled with vocabulary, writing journal prompts, and primary and elementary lined writing papers. 

I also intend to add material for the Summer season in the months to come to this bundle, at no cost to you.

These writing journal anchor charts, papers, and prompts will provide many days of writing for your students. You can find the individual products that make up this bundle at my TpT store

I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this product. Connect with me by clicking on the green "Follow Me" words on my store page.


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