Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hooray! A Milestone Reached!

I am sooo excited today! I've reached a new milestone! Last night before I turned off my computer, I was sooo close to reaching my goal of 100 followers on my TpT store. I was at 98, so I put out a quick fleece on the FB groups that I follow asking for more followers so I could reach my goal. Not long at all afterwards, my Followers count rose to about 108. That's amazing! Everyone who helped get me there was just as excited as I was! They kept commenting with my new number count as they "followed" me. Needless to say, I was one happy and grateful seller when I went to bed last night. I'm surprised I didn't have sweet TpT dreams all night long. zzzzzzzzz.

When I turned on my computer this evening my count had risen to 116! I am thrilled to have reached a new milestone. I had been praying for more followers, and my prayers were truly answered. I'm grateful to God, first, and also for everyone who helped get me over the mark. YOU ROCK!!! Really! How I reached this goal is worth sharing. I know there are other sellers who want to know what I did to increase my followers. 

When I first started my new store last fall, it was rough getting followers. I was persistent, however, and kept following other bloggers and building my store. I read in the Seller's Forum from other sellers, who said that you should try to have at least 20 products posted in your store before going live. I made a bold move, however, and opened my store with just a few products; maybe four or five I believe it was; I know it was under ten. 

From there, I kept on creating products, adding to my store little by little as I was inspired with ideas for more products. Then I remembered some advice from a fellow seller friend and colleague, who told me to be sure to get involved in what other blogger sellers were doing, such as Linky Parties and things. I tried a couple and that got me a few more followers, but not nearly what I wanted. At the beginning of March I had a mere 38 followers. UGH! 

Finally, one day recently I got the break I needed. Somehow, while combing over blog after blog as I do every day (because I'm always inspired by them) I stumbled upon Lindsey Johnston's blog, Miss Johnston's Journey. She was having a week-long birthday celebration, which included a HUGE Give-Away of products and freebies by TpT sellers. To do this, Lindsey was soliciting products and freebies from sellers so I threw my hat in the ring with the "big wigs," hoping that this would be my big break. It was!

My Followers number grew from 38 to 98 followers within about a week's time. As a teeny tiny seller, with a teeny tiny store and teeny tiny following, this was HUGE for me--a struggling seller for such a long time. 

Having joined Lindsey's Give-Away, I got so much exposure from her followers and others visiting her blog. My product was listed there with the big guys, so I got a lot more traffic to my TpT store, some of whom clicked my "Follow Me" button. So, thank you, Lindsey, and THANK YOU, everyone who followed me recently to help me reach my goal of over 100 followers! You truly do ROCK!!! There's only one direction to go now... 

Up, Up, Up!

I love you all,



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