Friday, March 6, 2015

Miss Johnston's Birthday Bonanza and "Go Fish" Sight Word Phrases

I'm thrilled to be joining Lindsey from Miss Johnston's Journey, for her "Miss Johnston's 25th Birthday Bonanza! Celebration" this entire week. To celebrate this milestone, Lindsey is having a huge, sweet giveaway event! Every day this week she is giving away some awesome TpT products and freebies from some of TpT's finest teacher authors. Visit Lindsey's blog to see all the exciting things she has planned. To top it off, there's a huge giveaway at the end of the week so don't miss your opportunity to enter her contests. 

One of the product giveaways is my Writing Journal Bundle, which I featured in my last blog and you can read about {here}. 

 Another product that I have been working on and have posted in my store currently is my "Go Fish" Sight Word Phrases Card Game.

This card game is a favorite among children. It is a very hands on and fun way for students to review and eventually master the sight word phrases for Lists 1 through 4. The object is easy, of course: to make as many matches as possible with the cards in their hand, by either asking another player for a card that matches theirs, or by drawing from the pile. The player who makes the most matches wins.

While working with my students this week, I found out that this game also lends itself to another game, "Memory," which I played with my students as a review of the sight word phrases before playing "Go Fish." The students had missed many days of school over the past month due to snow and building wide assessments, so I felt this was a great way to help the students review the sight words.  Once they have shown me that they actually remember the sight word phrases, we will play the "Go Fish" game as well.

Unfortunately, I we must wait until Monday to play the game. Winter has been brutal in central Virginia. We've missed the past two days again due to snow, icy, and freezing weather conditions. BRRRRR! 

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