Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Game Board {FREEBIE!}

This March day is an absolutely beautiful day in Central Virginia! A warm, sunny, 60 degree day with blue skies and fresh air. A much welcomed day following such brutal weather over the past three weeks. We've had a total of six school days since President's Day. Did I say I was complaining? Let's say that it was a very nice Pre-Spring Break. I got lots and lots of work done on my blog and TpT store and I am thrilled!

Today I am posting a {FREEBIE!} that I had so much fun creating. This SPRING Game Board is the perfect way to have your students review their sight words, vocabulary, or math facts, almost any subject, old-fashioned game board style!
The object is simple: The first player to get his/her game piece all the way around the game board to the FINISH while reading or solving the task/flash/vocabulary cards correctly, wins the game. 

The game comes with two types of paper clip spinners:

One spinner has on it the numbers 1 through 4; the other, four pictured die with pips 1 through 4. You or your students can decide which to use for their game play.  

Students operate the spinner by spinning a paper clip around the point of a pencil point side down onto the black dot of the spinner.

This game requires a little assembly. First, copy (and laminate for durability) the two game board sheets. I suggest then gluing these to the inside of a file folder to make a file folder game.

Next, cut out and fold the four game pieces into the shape of a triangle, picture side out and up. Then staple, clip, or tape the top shut, to make stand up game pieces. I left one unattached at the top on the picture for you to see how it folds (see picture above). Voila! You're ready to put out the game to be played.
I suggest a group of 2-4 players for this game,  consisting of strong students well as students needing some verbal support. The stronger students can confirm the weaker students' answers during the game. 

Directions: {Up to 4 players}
1. Players pick a game piece and put it on the game board on the square marked START.
2. Use your own (sight words, math facts, or vocabulary) task or flashcards. Place them face down on the table to become the drawing pile.
3. Players take turns spinning the designated spinner to see how many spaces to move, i.e. 1-4.
4. When it is his/her turn, a player draws a card and reads it or solves the the math fact. Other player(s) confirm their answer.
5. If player's answer is correct, s/he moves his/her game piece along the path of the board the number of spaces on the spinner. If s/he is not correct, s/he loses his/her turn and the next player spins the spinner.
6. If a player lands on a space with words, s/he reads the words and follows the directions in the square. Once players reach the end of the path on the first page, they  continue
moving across the crease of your file folder, onto the game path on the next page, following the arrows and path to the FINISH.
7. The first player to reach the FINISH wins.

I hope your students enjoy this game. I can't wait to get to use it with my students this week at school {finally!}. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Leave any comments about this game by clicking on the "Comments" below. I would love your feedback. Thanks!

Have a wonderful week!


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