Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Classroom Decor Packet

Classroom Decor Packet

Teachers are always on the look out for fresh new ways to decorate their classrooms for the upcoming school year. 

This Classroom Decor Packet was inspired by my last two posts, where I featured my Classroom Alphabet Cards and Chevron Task Cards and Frames

I've been trying my hand at creating my own backgrounds and I love task cards. So I decided to wed the two and this design is what I've come up with. Not so bad for my first try, huh?

This chevron color pattern happens to be my favorite, so I decided to use it for this classroom decor packet. 

This packet includes four basic items that teachers need to decorate their classroom:

1. Word Wall Cards:

Letters are nice and large and easy to read. I used the 2x3 task card template for this rather than the larger (1x2) ones just in case your word wall space is limited. I also opted not to use any pictures so that you could be as creative as you'd like with complementary colors or a theme of your choosing.

2. Table Number Labels:

There are enough for up to six tables. 

3. Alphabet Posters:

These cute cards are large enough for you to hang either above your white board or small enough to hang anywhere else you would have the need or the space for ABC cards. They would be perfect to hang in your Writing Center, or to use as a teaching aid during Handwriting instruction. 

Do you still teach Handwriting? It's becoming a lost thing, being phased out of instructional time in a lot of schools. This is so sad! Can you say, "Chicken scratch...or worse!" That's another post, though. (Sigh and SMH).

 4. Number Posters:

Nice, clear numbers, and number words are a great tool for students just learning their numbers. And...Ten Frames...colored ones! I absolutely love these! They go all the way to 20, great for the primary grades.

There you are...Enjoy!



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