Wednesday, June 17, 2015

{Editable} Chevron Task Cards and Frames

Blue skies, green trees, and warm...okay...HOT, HOT mid-June weather! This has been one of the hottest weeks of spring in south central VA so far. 

I don't mind it one bit though. I'm a summer baby so the hotter the better for me. It is absolutely beautiful here.

Recently I've been working on creating task cards and frames. I really love using them when I teach and I've seen them used in many creative ways.

I'm also experimenting with my own background designs. This is my first go around with creating the chevron design with different color patterns.

Each of the 11 different colored [editable] frame and task card sets include: 

a large frame: 
a 1 X 2 page of frames:

a 2 X 2 page of frames:

a page of 2 X 3 task cards:

and a page of 3 X 3 task cards:

There are so many different ways to use task cards. Use them for your classroom signs, notebook covers, labels, alphabet cards, word wall cards, flash cards, sight words. The possibilities are endless!

This .PPT file enables you to add your own text right onto the PowerPoint slide.

How do you use task cards in your classroom? Leave a comment below to share your great ideas.

Stay cool today and stay hydrated!


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