Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Anchor Chart and Writing Prompts

Today I am featuring my new Anchor Chart and Writing Prompts product. Summertime is such a fun time to enjoy the sun, the beach, sports, friends, and beautiful weather. 

This bright and colorful anchor chart gets children's creative juices flowing and using their schema for writing about the fun they have in the summer sun. Print out the anchor chart and hang in your writing center. Or, project it onto your white board for whole group writing following a discussion on fun summer activities.

Vocabulary words next to the pictures help primary writers with spelling as well ELL, ESL, and LD learners needing this extra support.

The writing pages have a fun black line picture for students to color as well as a word box to provide support with vocabulary and spelling. A short writing prompt relating to the picture is provided on each page.

The last two pages provide differentiation for more advanced writers needing less vocabulary support and less of a writing prompt. 

There is no picture provided on this page, allowing students to create their own picture in the space.

The last page has more lines for writers who prefer writing over drawing a picture. Of course, they could draw a picture on a separate page.

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Happy writing!



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