Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Scoop Linky Party 7-19-15

Today, I'm happy to be joining the Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop Linky Party.

3 Things I have to do...
1. Summer School:

This is the first summer that I have worked in a very long time. I'm working towards purchasing another Mac computer. My current computer has been very good to me over the years but it's pretty old now. It's time for an upgrade so I can be more productive and take my TpT business to the next level.

Here is a glimpse of our Pre-K classroom. Our kiddies are wonderful! All but two of them are Spanish-speaking, so along with teaching them the basics of literacy and math, we also get to learn a lot from each other. They are so precious! 

2. Reconnect with a dear friend:  

Don't you hate it when you get so busy doing LIFE that you realize that you have lost touch with friends? This week I must reconnect with a dear friend. I plan to give her a call and offer to take her to lunch.

3. Catch up on house work:

EEK! Of all things on my list this week, this is my least favorite thing to do. I've had somewhat of a/n excuse reason though. Recently I've been so consumed with preparing for going to the TpTVegas Conference that I've kind of let my household chores go lately. It's gotten a little out of hand though as I take a look around my work space. This week I plan to catch up on things like laundry, cleaning, and organizing. 

2 Things I hope to do...

1. Revamp TpT Products:

During TpTVegas2015 I attended Deanna Jump and Dee Dee Wells' session on revising TpT products. I learned that some reasons for revising your products are that: 1) Teaching practices are always reflective 2) Trends in education are always evolving 3) Your technological skills are constantly improving, and, 4) Emerging Clip Art and Amazing Fonts!

This was one of my very first product cover creations when I became a brand new TpT author-seller. I can't wait to apply my newly acquired skills, clip art, and fonts to give this product a well needed face lift.

2. Write blog posts:

Another thing I learned at TpTVegas from successful blogger authors is to post regularly and to be consistent. My goal is to post at least twice weekly to my blog. Joining up with great linky parties like this one and collaborating on Facebook groups will help me with this goal. This is a doable plan

1 Thing I'm happy to do: 

**Celebrating my 30th Wedding Anniversary!!**

I am so blessed to be celebrating a milestone anniversary with my soul mate, my BFF, and the love of my life--30 Blessed Years of Marriage! YAY! This past April we splurged a little and went on a western carribean cruise to celebrate (a little early). This week is our actual anniversary, however, where we will spend the day sight seeing in Richmond--something we have been meaning to do since moving here almost a year ago. Afterwards we will enjoy a quiet dinner together remembering the many great years of marriage that we have shared together.

What things are you having to do, hoping to do, and happy to do? I can't wait to read about them.


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