Friday, August 21, 2015

Back To School Writing: "All About Me"

Want to get your kiddos writing right away? Here's an ALL ABOUT ME Writing project that allows you to start writing with your students as soon as the first week of school. You can pick up this product in my store by clicking on the picture above.

Students also love to talk about themselves. This is a great way for them to write all about themselves to share with the class or a partner, and then make their very own book to share with their friends family.

There are plenty of pages for you to choose from to use for your particular class. Use a few pages, a little more, or all of them. Your choice. You can even differentiate the number of pages based on students' abilities. The landscape design with two pages per sheet saves on paper and is great for little primary hands.

Each page also provides emerging readers and writers the necessary writing prompts, pictures, and vocabulary for this time of year. 

Use this as a whole group activity, modeling each page and having students follow your lead, or, start the first couple pages whole group, and then have them finish it in center, with a partner, or with an assistant.

Once all pages are complete with a word to complete each sentence starter, a picture, and colored, cut each page apart and staple along one side or assemble with a book binder to make a real book for your students.

I usually print and laminate the front and back pages on colored paper or card stock. This makes for an attractive student book. 

Once all books are complete, invite students to add their books to the classroom library for tons of fun opportunities to read each others' books. Young children absolutely love reading books by and about each other, looking at each other's art work and pictures, and talking about their pages. 

How would you use this writing activity in your classroom? Please share in the comments below.

Have a great beginning of your year!


  1. Super sweet writing pack, Lori! Blog is looking great!
    :) Katie
    Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree

  2. Aww. Thanks, Katie. You and so many others have been such an inspiration!


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