Tuesday, August 4, 2015

VA Teacher Blogger Meet Up

This past Friday I was blessed to attend the "VATeacherBloggersMeet" blogger meet up. It was at a very nice country club. I felt so important and swaggy going into the place. But when I got there it was not what I expected...but in a good way.

I thought that since this event was being held at a...ahem...country club...that I was going to feel kind of out of place seeing that I'm not a country club type of girl at all, and I'm not exactly a teacher in the true sense of the word anymore.

What I experienced for the next four hours was a group of women who were from all walks of life. Some were teachers, some were not. Some were mothers and some were not. Some were chatty and giddy and some were not. Some were organizers and some clearly were not! :-) Some were bloggers and some were not. 

We all had one thing in common, however. 

We were all from VA and we love doing what we do best, whatever that may have been. I did get the sense that most of us were educators of some kind or another, however, and that we all absolutely LOVE what we do!

The atmosphere was very positive and celebratory. The organizers did a phenomenal job of putting together the meet up. 

We got a swag bag with some very nice gifts from our sponsors. I'll talk about that later.

Speaking of sponsors, they were: Educents was the big one; and then there was ESGI, Learning Resources, Ellison, Science4Us, A+Images, Snap Learning, Vocabulary Spelling City.com, SitSpots, Classroom Friendly Supplies, GoNoodle, kasefazem, planbook.com, Really Good Stuff, and Teacher Created Resources.

And from these sponsors, we were given the opportunity to enter into drawings to pick from about $4000 worth of giveaways and freebies! Yep, $4000 worth! I mean nice stuff like Ellisons, and font packs, and planbooks, and shared yearly subscriptions, and so much more that I can't even remember them all.

And then we came home with all kinds of cool swag bag goodies like gift certificates from our sponsors, and magnetic borders, and lanyards, and pens, and nail files, OH MY! Sorry, I got a little carried away. 

And then someone broke out their brand new {cute, purple} selfie stick and we took group pictures like the one above of us all putting up the LOVE VA sign.

One last thing and I'm through raving. Finally, we got a Digital Swag filled with all kinds of very very cool products from our FANTASTIC Sponsors! I got a chance to open the file this morning and could not believe what all was there. O-M-G! It was the "icing on the cake" for me, which prompted me to write this blog today. I had to say thanks somehow.

Wow! All I can say is that I am so thankful to become a part of such a wonderful and supportive group of ladies, whose passion is all things educational, and all things kids, and all things supportive, even if you're new at all of it like me. Thank you so much, VATeacherBloggers! I love you!

I am one blessed teacher blogger.

That's about all I can say right now. 



  1. It was so fun meeting you, Lori! I hope you have a wonderful school year!


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