Sunday, September 6, 2015

NO PREP Sight Words Read, Trace & Color

It's the beginning of the year and many schools are now in session or will be very soon. Teachers are now beginning to establish a routine schedule, especially for teaching the sight words. 

This Sight Word {Pre-Primer} Read, Trace & Color is a great reinforcement activity to use with children as you teach the sight words in order of frequency.

For this activity, children get to practice reading their sight words five at a time. They will read, trace, and color each sight word three times total.

There are eight different pages, each of which has students practicing a new set of five sight words covering 40 pre-primer words total in order of frequency.

This practice activity would be perfect for kinders as well as first graders and ELLs who have not yet mastered the pre-primer list of sight words.

I can't wait to use this with my students. We start school this week. Finally! I am anxious to get started. 

How would you use this activity with your class? Please leave your comment below.


  1. Love your fall sight words activities! I'm your newest follower.


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