Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alphabet QR Codes

Recently I was teaching my ESOL students their alphabet with this Alphabet QR Codes activity. They loved it! They get to use multiple modalities to learn the ABC's in a very fun and interactive way, which also provides them the immediate feedback and reinforcement they need at this time.

The large letters and colorful graphics provide a clear picture of the letter and an illustration for each. The QR code allows the students to hear the correct identification and pronunciation of the letters as well. 

You will need to download a free QR Code reader application onto your hand held device, such as a smart phone, tablet, or iPod to get the full functionality of this activity. My personal favorites are the QR Code Reader and the QuickMark apps, both of which you can download FREE from your Android or Apple App store. Once your QR code reader is downloaded onto your device, students just need to open the app and point their handheld device right at the QR code and touch the arrow to link to the URL. In a few seconds students will hear the audio recording of the letter, the letter sound, and the name of the picture representing the letter.

Here is a short video of my students testing out my product:

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