Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alphabet Maze {FREEBIE}

It's January now and we are well into the swing of things again at school. I've learned over the years, however, that the kiddos are not always quite ready for the quick transition to new content right away. A quick little review is a must-do for my primary ESOL students during this time of year.

For example, it was the first day back at school, and as always, I gather my ESOL students around me for some greeting and review time. Following my, "Hello, _________. How are you?" And their, "Hello, Mrs. Ross. How are you?", we review the alphabet chart. "A, /a/, apple, B, /b/ bear," and so on we chant. To my disappointment As expected, some of my students just couldn't remember their alphabet from A to Z all the way. Phooey! So I needed a quick and fun review.

This Alphabet Maze FREEBIE that I made was a fun and quick way to review letter identification with my kiddos. To complete this page, students needed to find and color the correct ABC path from A to Z. Once they got started, they discovered that there were often more than one path to follow to the next letter. To give them a little challenge, students needed to find the correct path to the letter Z.

After students found the correct A to Z path, I also had them draw the path, and then say the ABCs. 

My students loved this little review activity. It was a nice way to start the new year. 

What are some ways you review with your kiddos after the holiday break?


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