Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to School Classroom Decor To Die For!

Now is the time that teachers are getting very serious about preparing their classrooms for the upcoming school year. What's more, it's very chic currently to design your classroom uniformly with a "themed" classroom decor.

I must admit, it's a pretty cool thing to enter a classroom and see everything from boards, to trim, to bookshelves, to tables, to chairs, to bookshelves--virtually everything--all decorated in the same themed pattern, especially if the pattern and the colors really POP! They look simply amazing.

Creating a beautiful or fun themed classroom creates an exciting classroom environment for students to enter on the first day of school and keeps them motivated to learn all year long. In my opinion, when a teacher takes the time and the effort to decorate her/his classroom well, s/he tells her/his class, "Welcome to your awesome new learning environment. We are going to have a fantastic year of learning!"

I have truly enjoyed getting glimpses and seeing the final "reveals" of the different designs created by teachers over the years; they've been truly awesome.

Here are some great examples that I found on Pinterest that I think are simply amazing. These first three designs are decorated top-to-bottom in themes:

In the next example, this teacher very effectively continued the same neon colors from her carpet into her reading corner with plastic bins of the same colors. The white bookshelves help to bring a beautiful contrasting pop to her design.

I love how these teachers took the time to think about coordinating every inch of their classrooms with their theme.

I'm Inspired!
Seeing these ideas have really inspired me to experiment with some designs of my own to offer teachers to try in their classrooms. You can use Task Cards and Frames for color scheme ideas and inspiration as they come in five different colors, as well as for notebook covers, center signs, alphabet cards, labels, sight word/vocabulary cards and task cards. I have provided some examples below.

1. Task Cards and Frames:

Task Cards and Frames (example uses):

2. Classroom Decor Packet: 

This colorful Classroom Decor Packet is the perfect way to give your classroom an uplift for the new school year. The packet comes in three different color patterns and includes:

1. Word Wall Alphabet Cards:

2. Table Number Labels (Table 1 through Table 6):

3. Alphabet Posters (Zaner-Bloser Manuscript with Guidelines):

4. Number Posters (1-20 with Ten Frames):

3. Classroom Alphabet Cards:

Use these Classroom Alphabet Cards over your whiteboard or other dedicated board for students to refer to during handwriting instruction and practice. You could also post them in your writing center or on your writing focus wall for students to refer to during writing. These cards have the Zaner-Bloser font with guidelines and descenders. 

I hope these classroom decor ideas have inspired you to decorate your classroom in a beautiful way this year. Have fun decorating! 


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